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“I can show you how to close the gap in where your health and fitness is today and where you believe you can be using my own developed Accountability app”

Nathan Ross Personal Trao

People come to me for help to lose fat and tone up. But what you actually unlock is a lifestyle that creates a stronger, positive mindset.

When your mindset is negative it shows in ALL areas of life.

– However, imagine waking up in the morning full of energy and positive thoughts

– Imagine being proud of the person looking back at you in the mirror…

– Imagine knowing you’re losing fat, toning up and creating that lifestyle change you had dreamed of.

– Your view on the day ahead would be positive, your actions would be positive

I used to think fitness was about the workout, I thought it was about the best nutrition plan, I thought my clients needed that….

When really all that was just basic fluff…

a fitness plan full of fluff a nutrition plan full of fluff

I quickly found out if your attitude wasn’t right your lifestyle was right

So how do I create a strong positive mindset?

I use the 1% method

The 1% Method

The 1% Method has proven to build an incredibly strong body and an incredibly strong mindset

Ask yourself these 3 questions

Would you love to feel confident in the way you look?

Would you love to feel sexier in your body?

Would you love to feel proud of what you have achieved?

If you answered yes, its time for you to join me.

Your Virtual Trainer App.

Main Features.

Nutrition Plan

I believe nutrition does not need to dramatically change straight away. My Ethos is focusing on small achievable changes implemented over time. Nutrition is an area we all find hard and so I provide a very easy meal plan focused around achieving your goals..

Workout Plan

The workouts are based around my own developed Home intensity super set training. These workouts focus on using short dynamic exercises and mixes aerobic and anaerobic exercises to achieve fatloss and muscle toning.

Scheduled in Workouts

The Accountability App is what tracks all your workouts, nutrition and body measurements. It then brings it all together under one roof to visually see your progress but also areas that need to be changed. With scheduled motivational videos and positive quotes , with daily dose of affirmations the Accountability app helps you become more determined to reach your goal.

Habit Forming Plans

A big part of achieving your targets is making small minute changes, these small minute positive changes become habits in which then become a lifestyle. The Accountability App has built in habits in which can be set to help you make health and fitness a lifestyle.

BodyStat Tracking

How would you know if you are on track if we didn’t track your fitness journey? I believe data can tell us what areas of your fitness journey we need to improve and focus on but also what areas you are doing well in which would motivate you do more and be more accountable and achieve more.

Direct Messaging

The Accountability app is a game changer as I can monitor and communicate with you to ensure you are on track to success. The 2 way messaging service allows quick communication and support to help guide you at the touch of a button.

What Do My Clients Say?

The last 15 yrs I have helped people unleash their physical potential and create the body and mindset they want using my proven method.


Here’s what people have to say about my programmes:

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